Psychedelic_AK - Higher Groove (feat. SimmySimmynya, M'tunez-i, Uno July, Hunter Rose)


“Record Producer Psyc' is proud to announce the release of his second single from his upcoming project 'Does It Bump In The Whip' , The Song #HigherGroove Features fellow Contra Gang members Uno July , Simmysimmynya , M'tunez-i & Hunter Rose.

In two words, the song is simply about having  "Good Times" . It starts with Psyc' on the hook and goes further into the first verse that is crafted to prefection by Uno july , Uno gets nostalgic and reminisces about the legendary Gughuletu Club 'Yellow Door' throughout his verse . Simmysimmynya sings about a groove that transcends the usual club environment . whilst still having the core elements of drinks on ice and beautiful people dancing the the Jiggy vibrations of The song. All of these different vibes from Psyc' , Uno July , Simmysimmynya ,M'tunez-i & the lush vocals of Hunter Rose on the outro combined together will take you to a higher groove. ” - @Psychedelic_AK

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