TSA - Finger Snacks (EP)

"Finger Snacks is me coming out of my comfort zone..." Watch TSA unravel what went into putting together his latest offering. With a host of punchy beats as well as lyrics, the project has everything to do with being outside and experiencing the real world. As the year draws to a close TSA & Bambatha Jones have grown to be a force to be reckoned with. TSA has seen tremendous growth and improvement all round from his sound all the way down to the visuals. He ends off the year with a single that will be listed as a bonus track under the Finger Snacks EP.” -@tsanobodyelse

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Track list

Track no Song
01 Finger Snacks
02 Me & My Crew
03 Winter Baby
04 Bermuda
05 Monday Mourning (ft NayPalmNeo)
06 Loading the Dishwasher (Abucus Outro)

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